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replica-louis-vuitton-beltsReplica Louis Vuitton Belts In college freshmen, only scores as the only standard, if the test scores, with ability to name also consider other factors, is a grade standard. Exam will be flawed, and should be improved and better reflect the comprehensive quality of students, Buy Louis Vuitton Belts that’s another problem, and every exam always have an accident, there is always disappointing, improvement is never-ending. Only branch grade, although for some professional is necessary, Buy Louis Vuitton Belts the correlation is not particularly big, at least, smaller than the correlation of total score. To learn is to do your own thing, if there is something wrong with the learning in the future, Replica LV Belts students will be responsible for himself. Score results must, therefore, is the only standard, besides, Replica Louis Vuitton Belt have politics careful physical examination, unqualified, there is no reason to refuse to admit high marks. Cancel the 110% cast archives of college enrollment corruption is to eliminate the fundamental, can improve the credibility of the whole society of the college entrance examination and the impartiality of the thought itself. College application, since some places the test took place a few times a big discussion about when to fill in the university entrance exam volunteer science. Surfacing is advocated before fill in the public opinion has the upper hand, because it is said that this can avoid similar scores of examinee cluster; Surfacing is one who advocates test after fill has the upper hand, because in this way, the examinee more sure about their score, Louis Vuitton Belts Replica can reduce the blindness of fill.

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cheap-louis-vuitton-beltscheap louis vuitton belts Elites in the wanton muscle, silly thought he points high potential in will be the candidates, is the only one with a net loss. The sole purpose of the system design, to achieve is to take care of people with lower scores, however, system designers, always have their own reasons. That is the space to select talents in colleges and universities, colleges and universities because, after all, is in hiring, schools must have some autonomy. Do a good turn is not need a reason,lv belts cheap  only need to do bad things, and the more bad bad thing, the more need good excuse. Abandoned the score high, admit a score low, must have a reason. Since ancient times, Louis Vuitton Belts’s level of excuses, obvious human error is first-rate. Don’t want to admit, for example, a person, it can be said that although his total score is high, however, distriBuy Louis Vuitton Beltsion of various grades, not so evenly, six to one. Or, the man height or some vision problems. And enrolment a score low, louis vuitton belts cheap also can say, his each lesson a relatively balanced score, high school as a class cadre, tall, vision, and so on. Mind and award, beat his dog will easily find a stick? Don’t admit you, there must be not admitted to your reason, admissions, you also have a reason for admission. Said you do, you will do, Some people say that high score low cheap lv belts, can’t see light fraction.

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fake-louis-vuitton-beltsFake Louis Vuitton Belts For the so-called education backward area, behind the solution, not infringe on other places the interests of the examinee, Buy Louis Vuitton Belts provide the basis of approximately equal education, rather than higher education. After all, backward area did not get points province accepted much benefit, instead is that the centralized excellent education resources of developed areas, Buy Louis Vuitton Belts through different province, through can take care of the name of underdeveloped regions, a ride to get more benefits. The beauty of a diversion, provincial admission is points. Someone for some points the examinee of provincial admission benefits, said that although the examination score is low, Buy Louis Vuitton Belts their comprehensive quality is higher than the rest of the students. The so-called comprehensive quality, Buy Louis Vuitton Belts is big city children experience and insights, talkative and smart and lively, can play the game, Louis Vuitton Belts Fake to travel abroad, have good health habits, etc., Buy Louis Vuitton Belts, if the quality is high, so, rural children can work,
Can identify ShuSu is not high quality? Given enough time, any where students can have those qualities. The so-called big city students’ quality is high, in my opinion, Buy Louis Vuitton Belts repeated is synonymous with lower scores. Test scores, should and must be the only admission criteria. In this standard, Fake Louis Vuitton Belt carry out other so-called standard, is in violation of the principle of fair this big is untenable. In a word, score is the quality. All are equal before the score. Can say, almost no than examination, score a few better ways to identify whether a person has a higher capacity.